Team Training at Auchengillan

Saturday saw a great turnout for the team with training at Auchengillan Outdoor Centre.

Scent specific search dog Bowie worked an aged, double-blind trail from a missing-person’s parked vehicle. Working along paths and through woodland, finishing in a building, Bowie’s search ended successfully when he found his misper on the top bunk of the upper floor accommodation block.

Another scenario included evacuating an injured casualty from a building after a thorough risk assessment; the injured person required First Aid with the winner for his performance for ‘Most Believable Injury’ being awarded to team member Simon!

Huge thanks to all the volunteers for setting up the scenarios, buddying and bodying and of course to the outdoor centre for allowing us its use. Without the kindness of organisations like this we wouldn’t be able to train in lifesaving and search skills that we offer the public 24 hours a day.