Loch Venachar – Boat Training

A fantastic days training, this time the location was Loch Venachar Sailing Club, just outside Callander with weather conditions mainly being mild and overcast.

Before heading to the water for the day, the team met at base and covered First Responder and First Aid skills, checking emergency kits to ensure all items were in date and correctly stocked; all this being an essential part of the search team’s skill set when emergencies and injuries arise.

The team covered boat maintenance, making ready the boat and equipment for transport, hooking up to the 4×4 vehicle, towing, boat manoeuvres, man over-board drills, launching and driving the boat with search dog Merlin had his first experience in a boat and was reassured by handler Gayle that he was in safe hands.

Old skills were refreshed and new ones learned and altogether, it was a very successful day enjoyed by the team’s volunteers who gave up their Saturday to attend.

Our biggest thanks go out to Loch Venachar Sailing Club for their generosity in allowing the team the use of their property and equipment. Without the kindness of organisations like the sailing club, the team wouldn’t be able to train and learn vital skills, which allows us to continue to offer our search and rescue services to the emergency services.