NEW Sponsor Announcement

Trossachs Search & Rescue Team no longer have to rely solely on paper maps when called out to a search thanks to Outdoor Map Navigator.

The company are sponsoring the Team with their mapping system, free of charge, which will make a huge difference to Team members as we will be able to download maps onto a portable device then navigate even without a mobile signal.

The programme uses the latest OS mapping with regular updates which means we can be sure of getting the latest information when we need it. As a backup we can print off paper maps in case of extended time out where charging batteries was not an option.

Over the next month we will have every member in the Team up and running using OMN.

Website excerp – “Anquet Maps have been building digital mapping systems since 2001. This latest version of OMN was built with the help of our customers, concentrating on usability and consistency across Android, PC, macOS, and iOS to allow users to learn the system once and quickly move between computers without having to relearn everything. Although you have an entire route editing system on your phone or tablet, having access to the same tools on your PC or Mac will make your route planning much easier due to the larger screen.”

We cannot thank David and Outdoor Map Navigator enough for all the assistance they have given us in setting this up.