Dukes Weekender – First Aid Cover

The team slept very well last night after providing a tiring 116-hours of First Aid cover as part of the Dukes Weekender.

Our biggest thanks go out to our hardworking Trossachs SAR volunteers who gave up their weekends to offer life-saving skills at this event. Thank you also to Stirling pizza company for your delicious eats, Forth Inn Aberfoyle for lending us chairs and Aberfoyle Tourist Information who lent us a table which allowed us to set up base to provide First Aid services for the casualties at the start/end of the race. Also, to The Scottish Wool Centre who provided water, shelter and kindness while we waited on an ambulance for a casualty who suddently took unwell. Our final thanks go to team sponsor, Arnold Clark, for ensuring our vehicles are in tip-top condition to assist casualties around the gravel course at multiple points.

When the team is invited to attend these events as First Aiders, there is a considerable amount of work behind the scenes that is essential to the legal, safety and efficient running of them. It takes us hundreds of hours worth of pre-planning and ongoing training, not to mention our team members who give up their time on a voluntary basis to ensure that casualties are cared for.

No matter how tiring the event, the whole team thoroughly enjoy being able to offer our skills to those who are in need.

First Aid Training – Tailor Made Training